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Around the World in 50 Plants Jigsaw Puzzle

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  • 1000-PIECE JIGSAW FOR PLANT LOVERS: Piece together a living, breathing world of plants and fill the gaps in your knowledge with the comprehensive poster guide.
  • BESTSELLING AUTHOR: Informative poster with text written by expert zoologist and dendrologist Jonathan Drori CBE, the author of the bestselling books Around the World in 80 Trees and Around the World in 80 Plants.
  • STUNNING DETAILED ARTWORK: Lucille Clerc's intricately drawn world is bursting with minute detail.
  • PERFECT FOR GIFTING: Illustration-led,highly finished jigsaw and illustrated poster for maximum gift appeal.
  • GOOD SIZE: Completed puzzle measures 48.5 x 68 cm (19 x 27 in.).