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Don't Suck, Don't Die: Giving Up Vic Chesnutt (Paperback)

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By Kristin Hersch

“Not only one of the best books of the year, it’s one of the most beautiful rock memoirs ever written.”―Michael Shaub, NPR

“Gives a tremendous sense of what friendship with [Chesnutt] was like, for good and for bad, and leaves the reader feeling his absence even more once the book has ended.”―Rolling Stone

“[Hersh’s] observations . . . always ring with a harsh lyrical truth . . . an eloquent, heartbreaking testament.”―Pitchfork

“It paints a more honest, insightful picture of the late singer-songwriter than any biography could . . . Beautifully, poetically told.”―MOJO

“A book that will move anyone who’s loved and lost, regardless of whether they’re a fan of the author or of Chesnutt.”―R2

"Storyteller tells storyteller. This is a stunning, difficult, and beautiful chronicle of why and how we breathe to create. It all loops back around. The true Vic comes alive in Kristin’s words.”―Michael Stipe

“A raw, poetic memoir . . . a last, wonderful example of Chesnutt at his most charismatically mischievous.”―Guardian

“Hersh’s language is vivid and conversational, as descriptive and elliptical as her own music.”―Salon