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Hatch & Grow Seed Ball Kits: 4 Variations

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Oversized eco-friendly pulp "eggs" are the perfect Easter basket addition! Each features four colorful seed balls inside to start your Spring garden. As your plants grow, you can transplant them into a bigger pot or even directly into the ground (depending on your location).


Wildflower: includes a non-invasive wildflower seed assortment of Lavender Hyssop, Black-Eyed Susan, Callistephus Duchesse, Mixed Aster, Wild Bergamot. This curated seed collection yields beautiful blooms and provides a habitat for vitally important pollinators.

Fresh Herbs: includes Mint Basil and Parsley - a selection of easy to use and versatile herbs for cooking.

Wellness: includes Sage, Lavender and Echinacea seeds – a selection of medicinal herbs known for their healing properties.

Spring Veggie: includes a Lettuce blend, Carrots and Turnips. This seed collection will get you started on a bountiful summer garden. 


  • 3” d x 6” h
  • Made in the USA of domestic and imported components


  • 4 Seed Balls per Egg
  • Mixed Organic and Non-GMO Seeds
  • Molded Pulp, Seed Balls, Coco, Planting Instructions