Lavender Cloud Nicotiana - Indie Indie Bang! Bang!
Lavender Cloud Nicotiana Seeds (Certified Organic) - Indie Indie Bang! Bang!

Lavender Cloud Nicotiana Seeds (Certified Organic)

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Nicotiana alata

Very fragrant night-blooming annual in shades of lavender and white. 

On sultry summer nights, when the air stays saturated and the thunderstorms roll in the distance, this aptly named nicotiana releases a cloud of intoxicating, jasmine-meets- honey aroma that scents the air to great distances. We received this variety from the proprietors of Daggawalla Seed in Portland, Oregon. Their catalog, since closed, listed over 15 varieties of nicotiana; we trialed many and found this one to be a stunner. A bonus: blooms vary in intriguing ways from plant to plant.

The Package
Each year, Hudson Valley Seeds commissions contemporary artists from around the United States to tell the story of a particular seed variety. That art and those seeds combine to create an Art Pack, a unique celebration of the diverse stories of seeds and their stewards. 

The Artist 
Artwork by Paola Bari. This lustrous painted porcelain tile looks intriguingly different from every angle, just like the flower it depicts. Born and raised in Italy, Paola Bari began painting porcelain in Milan.