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Mountain Wood and Midnight Black Resin Landscape Necklace

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This beautiful landscape necklace has been handmade from a piece of light wood and dark resin. A brass bar is at the top to thread a 32 inch gold plated chain through. Both resin and wood are smooth to the touch; they have been sanded using several different sandpaper grades.

The piece measures 1.5 inches tall and approx. 1.5 inches wide. 

About Muro Jewelry

Muro Jewelry works are the creations of Rosa Murillo, a jeweler, architect, and artist living in Huntersville, NC. 

Together with her husband Ruben and a small production crew she creates one of a kind, 3D wearable art pieces made with wood, glass-like resin and metals. Muro's approach is modern and playful, using woodwork and metalsmith techniques in a new exciting way. Muro's goal as artists is to surprise people with the unusual application of materials and techniques.

Each piece starts with the raw materials, soldering the metals, sealing the wood and pouring the resin. Each piece is made by hand in the Muro Jewelry studio in Huntersville, NC