Tokyo Market Turnip Seeds - Indie Indie Bang! Bang!
Tokyo Market Turnip Seeds - Indie Indie Bang! Bang!

Tokyo Market Turnip Seeds (Certified Organic)

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Brassica rapa

Sweet, crunchy, fast-growing roots perfect for fresh snacking.

Like all good heroes of Japanese animation, the Tokyo Market Turnip deftly maneuvers through strange and sometimes hostile conditions. Frost barely out of the ground? No problem! Need greens for eating in less than a month? You got it! Want a root crop for the winter that you can sow really late in the season? Koko ni arimasu! The roots remain magically tender, sweet, and delicious despite these challenges. Prepare to be spirited away by this fantastical crop!

Tokyo Market Turnips will make you rethink everything you’ve ever thought about turnips: with a flavor and texture somewhere between a turnip and a radish, they're excellent fresh from the garden, on toast with salt and lemon, pickled, steamed, grilled, roasted, and mashed. Their young green tops make excellent sauté greens.

The Package
Each year, Hudson Valley Seeds commissions contemporary artists from around the United States to tell the story of a particular seed variety. That art and those seeds combine to create an Art Pack, a unique celebration of the diverse stories of seeds and their stewards.

The Artist
Artwork by Will Sweeney. This digital illustration captures the magic of classic Japanese anime and the magic we feel when we grow these turnips. Will is a prolific storyboard artist and illustrator who has rendered work for everything from Spawn to Sesame Street.