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Wildflower Honey - 9oz

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As part of our commitment to sustainability, we collaborated with a longtime beekeeper to collect and bottle this honey. Our Wildflower Honey’s richness and complexity is rooted in its source… fields of redbud, rose clover, and wild lilac from Northern California’s Capay Valley.

Honey is so versatile. Mix a small bit with creamy butter and slather it on cornbread. Substitute it in many baking recipes that call for sugar. Add a touch to your salad dressing made with our Traditional Blend Olive Oil and Champagne Vinegar. Brush a bit on pork tenderloin or use it as an ingredient in your homemade barbecue sauce. Drizzle on a spicy soup or chili just before serving for a new take. Add it to your charcuterie plate with soft cheeses and candied pecans. It's also delightful in a cup of freshly brewed tea.

Filled with a multitude of bioactive plant compounds which carry antioxidants, wildflower honey can battle inflammation, boost immunity and fight the damage of free radicals that cause many diseases.