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Wisdom Dry Beard Oil

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Bright and woodsy, Wisdom beard balm carries scents of fresh-cut lumber and lemon.  Masculine but not overpowering, there is a warmth here reminiscent of standing amid a spruce and cedar grove mid-afternoon. We use essential oils for our scents so that they will wear in subtly throughout the day.

Beard Dry Oil (their name for beard balm) is a room temperature solid that melts with slight friction or in the palm of your hand.  It’s easy to apply and provides direct and natural conditioning of your facial hair. Our blend of light and medium-weight oils provide shine as well as nourishing the hair and skin. This can reduce itch and flaking and most importantly, it allows your beard to grow to its healthiest and fullest. They add a small amount of Michigan beeswax to their Dry Oil to help in taming and shaping your hair.