Bells of Ireland Seeds - Indie Indie Bang! Bang!
Bells of Ireland Seeds - Indie Indie Bang! Bang!

Bells of Ireland Seeds

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Moluccella laevis

Perfect green bells for a bouquet. 

Invite the pixies to come play in your garden with these compact, apple-green bells. Pixie adds interesting texture and contrast to flower borders and makes an excellent cut flower. Inside each bell-shaped calyx, you will find a small, white flower with a mild fragrance. Grows wild in Syria and Turkey, but the vibrant green has come to be associated with Ireland and good luck. Likes a well-prepped bed and evenly moist soil to germinate (be patient!). Most Bells need staking, but this dwarf variety tends to stand tall on its own.

The Package
Each year, Hudson Valley Seeds commissions contemporary artists from around the United States to tell the story of a particular seed variety. That art and those seeds combine to create an Art Pack, a unique celebration of the diverse stories of seeds and their stewards. 

The Artist
Stephanie Anderson's watercolor incorporates collaged marbled paper elements, including moths, that highlight the Turkish origins of this plant. In her art, Stephanie is fascinated with the still life, and she also enjoys depicting imagined creatures in their respective environments.