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Brilliant Beet Blend Seeds (Certified Organic)

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Beta vulgaris

In the early 1900s, Pavel Ivanovich Kharitonenko was known as "The Sugar King." He lorded over the Russian agriculture scene with his considerable riches, garnered from his involvement in the sugar beet industry. What did this baron with impeccable taste do with his beet-based wealth? He collected the work of famed jeweler Peter Carl Faberge, creator of the world-renowned "Faberge Eggs." The artwork on this pack digitally re-imagines the natural jewel-like brilliance of beets as priceless decorative objects, transforming the humble root from fodder to Faberge and then into the digital age. Grow your own deliciously lavish jewels with this brilliant blend of colorful beets.

Contains Detroit Dark RedCylindraBulls BloodChioggia, and Golden Detroit beets.

The Package
Each year, Hudson Valley Seeds commissions contemporary artists from around the United States to tell the story of a particular seed variety. That art and those seeds combine to create an Art Pack, a unique celebration of the diverse stories of seeds and their stewards. 

The Artist
Artwork by Bill Rybak. Through digital media, Bill creates visual metaphors like this work that turns humble beets into priceless Faberge eggs. Inspired by his depiction, we were able to find a historical connection between beets and Faberge. In this case, life imitates art.