Catnip Seeds - Indie Indie Bang! Bang!
Catnip Seeds - Indie Indie Bang! Bang!

Catnip Seeds

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Certified Organic Seed
Nepeta cataria

Catnip is a great treat to grow for cats, but it is also a wonderful perennial herb for the garden. Its fragrant flowers attract many beneficial pollinators. Plus, catnip is a medicinal herb for humans, too. It's used as a very mild sleep aid in the form of catnip tea.

Start indoors 4-8 weeks before last frost date. Sprinkle a few seeds on the surface of each pot, agitate the surface, then water in gently. Once the seedlings have germinated and are 1/2" high, thin to 1-2 seedlings per pot. Transplant outdoors when plants are 2-3" high. Catnip is very hearty and will grow almost anywhere, but prefers full sun, well-drained soil, and moderate water. Do not plant catnip near plants that could be damaged by cats; some cats smother catnip and any plants that are near it.