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Michael Michaud Red Poppy Leather Pendant

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Red Poppy Adjustable Leather Necklace by Michael Michaud. The Red Poppy became a symbol of hope and remembrance following the trench warfare in World War 1 that took place in the poppy fields of Flanders. Every year red poppies are worn on and around Veteran's Day to honor those lost in battle. Created by Michael Michaud and handmade in NYC by the artists at Silver Seasons Jewelry, the Red Poppy Adjustable Leather Necklace is a stunning replica of the delicate poppy bloom.



Michael Michaud began his career at the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology's school for American craftsmen, and graduated in 1980. Over the years, Michael has developed his unique and highly recognizable Michael Michaud Jewelry line. He begins each piece by creating a model from natural elements and then transforms these models into his beautiful jewelry collection. Each exquisitely detailed piece is crafted in the USA, using high quality bronze, sterling silver or gold, and various natural stones and pearls, and cast in bronze using the artisan's special lost wax technique.