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Handbook for the Recently Deceased Notebook/Journal

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This book is a replica of the original Handbook for the Recently Deceased as seen in the 1988 film Beetlejuice.  The cover and the first two pages of this book have been painstakingly recreated using a genuine prop which was used for filming. The original Handbook prop was consigned directly by J.C. Bennett, who at the time was a young production assistant who worked on the film back in 1987-1988. There were several identical Handbook props made for the film, these were created using the psychology textbook "Measurements of Human Behavior by Edward B. Greene as a foundation. Aside from the cover and first couple pages, the remainder of the books were left unchanged. This book has recreated the cover and those pages. Since no actual content exists for the essence of this book, we've cleared the rest of these pages for it to be used as a journal or sketchbook should you wish.

6x9 Lined Journal