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Edible Flower Mix

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Various species

Add cheer to winter with this mix of vibrantly-colored dried flowers.

    While there is no hiding from the universal truth of impermanence, there are places to find respite. Everlasting flowers are one such foothold: they are something beautiful that lasts. The blooms delight us in the garden from mid-summer on, and when harvested and dried they keep their bright, cheerful tones throughout the colder months. Alas, after a year or two of exposure to ambient light, the blooms begin a slow process of fading: everlasting in name only, they, too, must eventually cede to impermanence.

    Contains Strawflower, Winged Everlasting, Crested Mix Celosia, Love In A Mist, Love Lies Bleeding, Bupleurum, and Starflower.