Hoff Hot Sauce Mini-Flask Gift Box - Indie Indie Bang! Bang!
Hoff Hot Sauce Mini-Flask Gift Box - Indie Indie Bang! Bang!
Hoff Hot Sauce Mini-Flask Gift Box - Indie Indie Bang! Bang!

Hoff Hot Sauce Mini-Flask Gift Box

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Can't decide on the perfect gift for the hot sauce lover in your life? Give them a taste of the full catalog of Hoff's greatest hits! This set offers classic Hoff & Pepper products in 3.4 oz bottles tailor-made for taste testing and picking a personal favorite. You're not a mind reader and thanks to this gift pack you don't have to be!

What's Inside Every Box:

Hoff's Original Hoff Sauce Hot Sauce - Travel Sized 3.4oz (100mL)

The one and only Everyday Hot Sauce. The one that started it all. Whatever you want to call it, if you’ve had it you know it’s good. If you haven’t tried it, get your tastebuds ready. This blend of farm-fresh, Tennessee-grown red jalapeño, habanero and chipotle peppers is smooth with just the right amount of kick. The perfect compliment to your favorite dishes and recipes, this award-winning sauce is sure to become your new favorite.

Mean Green Hot Sauce - Travel Sized 3.4oz (100mL)

Crisp, clean, and packed with chile, garlic, and herb flavors, Mean Green is Hoff's spin on a traditional verde sauce. Offering a little zip from fresh green jalapenõs and habaneros, balanced by lemongrass and parsley, it’s tailor-made for Mexican dishes. Use it to top off fish tacos and other seafood or for a fresh twist on your favorite pizza. It’s mean, it’s green, but there’s nothing lean about the flavor.

Smoken Ghost Hot Sauce - Travel Sized 3.4oz (100mL)

Smoken Ghost doesn’t pull any punches. Chock-full of ghost and chipotle peppers, it’s smooth, smoky, and doesn’t skimp on the heat. But don’t get it twisted, this sauce is complex and flavorful. Add it to chili for an extra kick, put it on a burger, or mix it with mayo for dipping fries. But don’t say we didn’t warn you — Smoken Ghost bites back.

Hoff's Spicy BBQ Sauce - Travel Sized 3.4oz (100mL)

Every grill master has their go-to sauce. That trusty sidekick that’s the perfect balance of molasses sweetness and hickory smoke. Hoff’s Original BBQ is all that and more thanks to a splash of original Hoff Sauce. The result is satisfyingly tangy with a touch of heat that will take grilled meats and vegetables, meatloaf, or pulled pork sandwiches to the next level. Your throne is waiting. It’s time to be king of the cookout.