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Kaleidoscope Carrot Seeds (Certified Organic) - Indie Indie Bang! Bang!

Kaleidoscope Carrot Seeds (Certified Organic)

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Daucus carota

A crunchy rainbow-hued mix of carrots.

Trying to trace the origins of the modern orange carrot is like looking through a kaleidoscope. Shapes and colors reflect and refract, and the more time you spend looking, the more they change. The carrot's geo-genetic story starts with a white and wild bitter root, touched by the sweet yellow sun of the Middle East, growing under purple mountains and bright vermillion sunsets, its seeds passed by thousands of hands of many hues. This prismatic mix reflects the colorful evolution of the carrot.

The Package
Each year, Hudson Valley Seeds commissions contemporary artists from around the United States to tell the story of a particular seed variety. That art and those seeds combine to create an Art Pack, a unique celebration of the diverse stories of seeds and their stewards. 

The Artist
Artwork by Martha Lewis. Martha's drawings and paintings evoke the intersection between the organic and the constructed. Her prismatic watercolor plays with spiritual diagrams, pie charts, biology, and games: all part of the colorful history of carrots.