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Salamandre is a sweeping, evocative graphic novel from award-winning artist and writer I.N.J. Culbard (The Umbrella Academy: You Look Like Death, Everything, Brink, The New Deadwardians).

Kaspar Salamandre is a bereaved young artist who is sent to stay with his enigmatic grandfather in a land ruled under an oppressive regime, where there can be only one loved one: The Emperor.

In this land where flowers are contraband, music is illegal, and art is created in hiding, Kaspar discovers a world of art revolutionaries, espionage and the Secret Police. 

His search for answers will bring him face to face with the meaning of sacrifice. But, will anything bring him closer to overcoming his loss?

“I.N.J. Culbard deftly tells a story of resilience, of secret joys and complex pains and in doing so, shows us that human beings are much bigger on the inside than you might think.”—Ram V (The Many Deaths of Laila Starr, Swamp Thing)

“Culbard is a master storyteller. I can’t think of a single comic creator so adept at immersing the reader into another world. An adventure worth getting lost in.”—Christian Ward (Invisible Kingdom, Blood Stained Teeth)

“Tender and precisely observed, Salamandre is a Ghibli-esque celebration of the healing power of imagination, drawn in a stunning clear-line style that effortlessly blends the magic of childhood and a world just to the left of ours.”—Cliff Chiang (Paper Girls, Catwoman: Lonely City)

“An incredibly moving, uplifting coming-of-age story from a creator working at the top of his ability. Not to be missed.”—Library Journal