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To Do List Wall Hanging

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This wall tarp provides a gentle reminder from the author Dodinsky to make the best decisions possible and to not dwell on miniscule things. This sweet and beautiful reminder will be a perfect addition to any part of your home.    Quote: "May you fall into your own arms. May you speak the words you need to hear. May you have gratitude with each breath. May you build your dreams with faith. May you embrace your soul with kindness. May you bring wisdom from your past. May you choose peace instead of anger. May you see the light in your darkest night. May you stumble upon yourself when lost. May you uncover courage beneath these fears. May you accept mistakes with humility. May you practice forgiveness to heal wounds. May you see the beauty of your imperfections. May you find love within your own heart." - Dodinsky   For a more vintage look, wash and tumble dry low for a softer, more worn effect.   Details:
  • Size: 31.5" x 40"
  • Please wash with mild detergent and cold water. Line dry. Fading may occur.
  • 100% cotton.
  • Pre-washed for vintage look.
  • Quotes are screen printed by hand directly on the canvas with stitching around the sides.
  • Hand stitched patches and frayed edges to complete the worn-look.