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Ultimate Book of Jokes

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The Essential Collection of 1,500 jokes
by Scott McNeely

Whether you’re making a toast at a wedding, trying to break the ice at a party, or just want to make your boss giggle, the Ultimate Book of Jokes is the first and last resource you’ll ever need. From road-crossing chickens and classic knock knock jokes to the naughty, nice, and totally soused, no subject goes unmocked in this collection of over 1,500 jokes, packaged in a deluxe embossed board cover with 2-color line art throughout. Scott McNeeley, author of Ultimate Book of Card Games, mined decades’ worth of jokes to find chuckle-inducing punch lines for joke lovers of all stripes—from “yo’ mamma” aficionados to naughty limerick connoisseurs. Format: Hardcover Pages: 352 Size: 5 x 6 5/8"